Peningkatan Partisipasi Masyarakat dalam Pembentukan Kebijakan di Indonesia

  • Zainuddin Amali


Citizens’ participation is an essential factor in the Governance process. It becomes a vessel for the citizens to aspire interests and needs to the Government. However, the realization has many obstacles, particularly in the condition of citizens’ participation are considered as the formality of Governance process. As a result, the relationship between citizens and the Government become not conducive. Furthermore, it can affect the quality of the policy itself. Hence, the improvement of citizens’ participation is urgent in the Governance process in Indonesia. This journal is using literature review method, with Governance theory, local autonomy, and participation concepts as the tools of analysis. The results show that the improvement of participation can be done by various methods; 1) Three steps model of citizens’ participation in policy process, which is giving proportional portions of participation based on the knowledge and rationality, and the actors’ capabilities; 2) Changing the orientation of participation as the citizens’ responsibilities, which have implications to the society; 3) Using quasi-legislative method such as deliberative democracy, e-democracy, and collaborative decision making, and using quasi-judicial, which can be done by mediation, facilitation, and minitrials.


Keywords: Citizens’ participation, improvement, policy.

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Amali, Z. (2019). Peningkatan Partisipasi Masyarakat dalam Pembentukan Kebijakan di Indonesia. TRANSFORMASI: Jurnal Manajemen Pemerintahan, 11(1), 103-126.