• Irfan Uluputty IPDN


The issue of journal issues is with regard to development issues in the field of general
government affairs, it needs to be understood that actually is a “gap expectation”
or expectation gap between the development performance achieved at present and the
planned one and between what is to be achieved in the future with real conditions when
planning is made. For this reason, the author analyzes the development planning of
general government affairs in the Province. The research was conducted using a method
of policy analysis (policy analysis method) which directs the results of comprehensive
studies to be the main consideration in policy formulation. Data analysis was carried
out using SWOT analysis. The conclusions in this study are General government affairs
development planning analysis in the province carried out using SWOT analysis, has
identified the analysis of internal and external environment, which then concluded that
some development planning rationalized on the chosen strategy, namely as follows: 1)
Development of national insight and four basic consensus on life nation and state; 2)
Development of national unity; 3) Fostering inter-tribal and intra-tribal harmony, religious,
racial and other groups; 4) Handling social conflicts in accordance with the provisions
of the legislation; 5) Facilitation and coordination of the implementation of tasks
among government agencies in the provincial and district/ city regions. 6) Development
of democratic life based on Pancasila.

Keywords: analysis of planning, development planning, public administration


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