Mengatasi Kemiskinan dan Pengangguran dengan memanfaatkan Potensi Produk Unggulan (Studi Kasus di Kota Tasikmalaya Provinsi Jawa Barat)

  • Cahyo Hatta Murtyoso IPDN



This research includes action research, namely research for practical purposes to obtain
material for government policy making. Research objectives: (1) Knowing the potential
of Featured Product Centers in the City of Tasikmalaya (2) Formulate strategies to utilize
the potential of a Leading Product Center to overcome poverty and unemployment
Research Methods: The research method used is a mixture of descriptive-qualitative and
quantitative (simple time series analysis).
Research Results (1): (a) Very Potential Categories are: Sentra Bordir (Center of Embroidery)
and Sentra Makanan Olahan (Processed Food Centers), (b) Categories of
Medium Potential are: Sentra Kelom Geulis (Center of beautiful footwear), and Sentra
Olahan Kayu (Center for Processed Wood), (c) Categories of Potential Sufficient are:
Sentra Batik (Center of Batik), Sentra Mendong (Center of Mendong), Sentra Kerajinan
Bambu (Center Bamboo Weaving) and Sentra Payung Geulis ( Center of Beautiful Umbrella).
Each of the Excellent Product Centers all need further encouragement to develop, especially
in (a) strengthening domestic and foreign marketing (export) marketing factors
and (b) product diversification and product attractiveness innovation.
Research Results (2): Formulation of a Leading Product Center Development Strategy:
(a) Prioritize Marketing factors in the scope of marketing out of the region and the scope
of international marketing in all Featured Product Centers; (b) Product diversification
innovations and innovation in enhancing product attractiveness in all Featured Product
Centers; (c) Developing the potential of Embroidery Craft Centers, Craft Centers
of Kelom Geulis, and Processed Wood Centers to reduce the Unemployment Rate; (d)
Overcoming Poverty Rate by utilizing the potential of Processed Food Industry Centers,
because the Processed Food Industry only requires low capital and simple skills.
Authors’ suggestions: (1) Unemployment Rate (5.38%) and high Poverty Rate (16.28%)
is a homework priority of Tasikmalaya City Government which is very urgent to be overcome
immediately by utilizing the Potential Product Centers so that the Gini Ratio high
(0.49) can be lowered immediately. (2) the Tasikmalaya Government can annually carry
out a Product Diversification Innovation Competition and Attractive Product Innovation
which will also be an attractive Tourism event.

Keywords: utilizing the potential of the center for featured products, overcoming unemployment,
and overcoming poverty.


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