PENGEMBANGAN EKONOMI LO KAL BERBASIS KEANEKARAGAMAN HAYATI (Studi Pertanian Kuansu Melalui Inkubator Agribisnis di Distrik Jila Kabupaten Mimika Provinsi Papua)

  • Ade Ayu Astuti Staf Dinas Pendapatan Daerah Kab. Mimika, Provinsi Papua



Indonesia is an agricultural country thas has abundant natural resource wealth. The
government is at the center of various policies to manage natural resource wealth, one
of the biodiversity posessed is kuansu. Act 23 of 2014 on Local Government concerning
aims to accelerate the improvement of community welfare, improve national competititveness
and regional competitiveness, and actualize good governance. This is carried
out not only by the government that has the ability to recognize and develop regional
potential but together with the community as implementers in the field. The Regent of
Mimika (2013-2018) in his mainly program said that regions must properly organize
and manage natural resources ang prepare all aspects of the development in Mimika Regency
to become a national and internasional future. Kuansu or red fruit is an endemic
plant that grows on the island of Papua which is useful as a degenerative and traditional
medice. However, cultivation and processing in the community are still carried out
simply so the outcome of Kuansu isn’t maximal and has an effect on farmers’ income.
This paper intends to describe the incubation process in the Kansuu agribusiness that
can be implemented by local governments to increase the productivity of small and medium
enterprises. Based on the results of the study it was found that small and medium
enterprises in JILA District needed appropriate programs such as agribusiness incubators.
Therefore, it is suggested to the regional government to implement an agribusiness
incubator and exploit the potential of the kuansu through the collaboration of local
governments, academics, and farmers to improve regional competitiveness and realize
community welfare.
Keywords: agribusiness, incubator business, local economic development, red fruit


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