• Petrus Polyando IPDN



Nowadays the science of government remains a discourse among internal governance scientists and
practitioners and other scientific external fields. It is still a big question whether the science of
government is an independent and autonomous science or it is a branch of political or administrative
science. This question is a form of deep curiosity about the science of government positions that must be
explained by the government scientists. There are several explanations from experts and literature but
still there is no unity of understanding about the science of government. Especially regarding the science
of government objects whether the material and formal object, methods and subject for the assessment.
As a result, the science of government has not viewed as an independent and autonomous science. There
are research and assessment at the practice level, but not for the science in order to create the theory of
government. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate three things mentioned above in order to view the
science of government as an independent and autonomous science.
Keywords: the science of government, independent and autonomous


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