• Ari Supriadi Master of Applied Government Studies
  • Khasan Effendy Government Sience Lecturer, IPDN
  • Ali Hanafiah Muhi Government Sience Lecturer, IPDN
Keywords: Strategies, Local Revenue


The successful implementation of regional autonomy cannot be separated from the ability of the region to finance and manage its households independently. One indicator of the level of regional independence ratio, which means the lower the level of regional dependence on central transfer funds, the region is considered successful in running autonomy. This research to describe the strategy of the Pandeglang Regency Government in an effort to increase Local Revenue Revenue (or Pendapatan Asli Daerah, here in after in shortened to PAD). This research uses a qualitative approach through descriptive analysis. Sources of data obtained from primary data and secondary data. The process of data collection is carried out by means of, literature study, in-depth interviews (indepht interview), participatory observation, documentation, and literature review. Data analysis techniques by reading/studying data, marking key words and ideas contained in the data, studying the key words with the aim of finding themes derived from the data, writing down the "models" found, and coding document. The results of this research showed that the strategies in increasing local revenue in Pandeglang Regency include selling public services, improving the administration of local revenue, increasing taxes through increasing tariffs and expanding tax subjects and objects, optimizing central tax revenue that can be shared with the regions, a number of inhibiting and supporting factors of the district government  of Pandeglang in an effort to increase local revenue


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