Jurnal Kebijakan Pemerintahan (ISSN 2599-3534; e-ISSN 2721-7051) is a peer-reviewed journal published by Fakultas Politik Pemerintahan IPDN. Journal Kebijakan Pemerintahan aims to facilitate writing both research results as well as literature study and scientific writing in the field of government policy. Therefore, Journal Kebijakan Pemerintahan publishes articles that promote new ideas, models, approaches and paradigms in order to contribute to the advancement of theory and policy implementation. The scope of this journal is: policy formulation, policy implementation and policy evaluation.

This journal includes research and articles, both in full article format and research notes. Research studies are expected to be able to examine the relationship between variables relevant to government policy by using appropriate analytical or statistical techniques. High quality articles that discuss current conditions and develop policies in both theory and implementation. A research note is a short article that reports on advances in methodology, exploratory research findings, or an extension / discussion of previous research.

All articles proceeded to a double-blind peer-review process based on the initial screening by the evaluation criteria editor covering significant contribution to the field, conceptual quality, appropriate methodology and clarity of exposition.

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Jurnal Kebijakan Pemerintahan, Volume 7, Nomor 1, Tahun 2024
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