HUBUNGAN PILKADA SERENTAK DAN SINERGI PERENCANAAN PEMBANGUNAN ANTAR PEMERINTAH DAERAH (Konsep Perencanaan Pembangunan Daerah Beralih dari Logika Sektoral Menuju Logika Kewilayahan)

  • Florianus Aser IPDN



Development planning is the early dimensions in government management, that very much determined
the success development itself. As a road map to the purpose of national achievement, it
takes a synergy between all components of central and regional governments. This is to keep sustainability
and relations between the central level and regional level planning. Along with the spirit to
implement simultaneously election resulting in election, President election, regional election or the
village election simultaneously on one the same time then be a momentum to make changes in regional
development planning by regional thinking. This provides space for local participation to determine
the future direction of their region that will accommodated in national development planning document
with the time, the target and shared vision system. Through the new planning with the regional
logical thinking can be directly touch on the community needs so the development more focused on
their regional live level.
Keywords: synergetic, planning, simultanously election, and regional logic thinking.


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