Rearrangement of Local Government Organizations

  • Sulthon Rohmadin, S.STP., M.Si IPDN
  • Sadu Wasistiono
Keywords: local government organizations; new normal


The corona virus pandemic requires all sectors to improve and adjust to new normal conditions, and the local Government organization is no exception. Local Governments should take a number of steps to encourage local government organizations to be more effective and efficient in carrying out their duties and functions. This study aims to provide a new concept in the framework of structuring local government organizations in the "new normal" era and facing the industrial revolution 4.0, using the literature study research method. The new concept offered in the organization of local government organizations includes six aspects, including aspects of strategy, aspects of structure, aspects of processes, aspects of society, aspects of technology and aspects of leadership.



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Badan Kepegawaian Negara (BKN). Profil Jabatan Fungsional PNS Tahun 2019.

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