Coastal Community Assistance In Semarang City Central Java Province

  • Rakhmad Kavin


Coastal community assistance is a form of actualizing the role of Tri Dharma College
through community service activities, social devotion and the implementation of scientific
of community service activities development which is also a medium for IPDN lecturers
to combine theories exist to the problems of government with recent issues so as to enrich
theories that have been there or eliminate the anomaly.
This service activities are also expected to benefit particularly for Local Government, as a
form of partnership for the success of the government programs, regional development and
social development by seeking common solutions to the problems faced by people in region.
Community assistance material that implemented by IPDN lectures team in Semarang city
derived from the research of Lecture and Praja which the validity tested and assessed to
have a benefical value for public. The problems are the Utilization Management of Coastal
Resources Analysis, Coastal Community Empowerment and Coastal Area Preservation and
Cultivation and the Coastal Communities Development and Solidarity.
The final result of the coastal community assistance in the form of government policy
recommendations can be a reference to the Semarang City Government in determining the
direction of Local Government Policy.


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