Zakat Profession for Poverty Alleviation

  • Agung Nurrahman IPDN Jatinangor


The entity of government exist to provide its certain goals for people. One of other basic but very important goal is to provide prosperity for their citizen. In other words, poverty is the indicator for such successive government to govern their people. However, mostly around the world the poverty still exist, especially in developing countries. Although it has been a common issue which raised from century to century, poverty seems to be a main problem. History shall tell how to cope with poverty. One of the success government has proven that zakat together with waqf already defeat poverty. Therefore, this research would like to understand how much influence of zakat to boost poverty eradication. The focus of the research is on zakat profession which not been observe deeply and well implemented. In addition, the locus of the research took in West Java Province as the highest population in Indonesia as one out of three top Muslim countries in population. The study using the head count ratio formula to measure the poverty. In addition, the poverty indicator compared post and prior the implementation of zakat profession implementation in the Government sector in West Java Province. This research found that around zero point five percent poor people could be reduce solely with focussing zakat profession as a distributable income for poor people. This condition signify that the benefit of this poverty eradication program could widely enhance its benefit. Further research could enhance more the production of zakat profession by develop the income into more benefit for the people. In addition, researcher suggest that other research could provide with more comprehensive zakat coverage plus conjunction with waqf system to optimize the poverty elimination program.