• Serly Wulandari IPDN
  • Mubarak R. Adam IPDN



One of the functions of government is service. Of function the government presence in providing services to the community is very important included in the education services. In progress age also advanced will communication and information technology and communities more critical, education services felt by those Akademika to the institutions IPDN stillare convoluted and less effective, so we needed breakthrough so as to produce an easy service, quickly and correctly. These services occurred in combine education services into information technology and communication that in IPDN is referred to a System Information Academic (SIAKAD). This research using methods descriptive with a qualitative approach. The operationalization of the concept of this research using the theory of the Implementation Of Policy Edwards III as to dimensions among other: communication, resources, disposition, as well as the structure of bureaucracy. Data sources in the form of person, place and paper. Data collection techniques through interviews, observation and review of documentation. Informants this research is by those Akademika and Praja IPDN. Covers data relating to analysis techniques strategy using analysis SWOT. The research results show that of Policy SIAKAD in increase education service in academic bureau Campus IPDN Jatinangor not yet optimal. Factors barrier in terms of 4 dimensions, namely communication, resources, disposition and bureaucratic structure which are affected by a number of factors, namely the application of SIAKAD have not user friendly, have not up to-date and integrated data, the socialization is not give to all those akademika, has not done enough resources and the lack of coordination and cooperation between different branches of the related SIAKAD. Strategy that can be performed leaders to step up their commitment, function to optimize the use of the employees, make the mapping of infrastructure needs and the needs of the employees who are experts in the field of IT, improve the delivery of compensation, increase the competency executives and utilization SIAKAD as well as making special regulation about SIAKAD.

Keywords: the implementation of policy, SIAKAD, education services


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