Rimba A. Sutra


This The purpose of this research is to get description about today structuring of local
apparatus organization, focus of the problem in this study is “How organizational structuring
of the regional district Soppeng?”. Based on these issues then this study aims to describe
the implementation of the policy of the Organization of the District Planning Soppeng and
understand how the implementation of the arrangement of the secretariat of the organization
of this region in terms of factors of communication, resources, Disposition and Bureaucratic
Research on Structuring the Organization of the District Soppeng a descriptive study with
qualitative approach. The method used is the exploration of where the process of collecting
data and information from informants using an interview technique for primary data and
research paper documents and literature for secondary data. As for the unit of analysis in this
study were those who considered gave the information needed by investigators, among others,
offi cials of the District Government in the ranks Soppeng associated with the Technical Team
Structuring the Organization of the Region, namely the Regional Secretary, as well as some
of the leadership of the agency, and from the district parliament Soppeng so that the resulting
data is descriptive and inductive data analysis of the data processing led to the rational model
of empirical research that is based on data and facts obtained directly in the fi eld.
Keyword: Implementation Policy and Structuring the Organization