Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan Widya Praja 2020-01-24T10:28:11+07:00 Eko Budi Santoso Open Journal Systems <p>Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan Widya Praja merupakan jurnal ilmiah yang diterbitkan oleh Lembaga Penelitian dan Kajian Institut Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri. Jurnal ini memuat konsep teoretik dan hasil penelitian pada ilmu pemerintahan, setelah melalui proses penilaian oleh reviewer. Artikel terpilih dari proses review ini mulai tahun 2017 terbitan Vol. XLIII Nomor 1 tersedia dalam versi online yang dapat diakses bebas dan versi cetak. Pengelolaan jurnal ini dilakukan dengan Open Journal System. Sedangkan versi cetak dari jurnal ini tersedia mulai tahun awal Institut Ilmu Pemerintahan (IIP), yang pada tahun 2004 telah bergabung dengan Sekolah Tinggi Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri (STPDN) menjadi Institut Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri (IPDN).</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Pedoman Penulisan dan Template&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">di sini</a></p> <p>English Tutorial&nbsp;<a title="Author English Tutorial" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">here</a></p> <p>Tutorial Bahasa Indonesia&nbsp;<a title="Indonesian Author Tutorial" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">di sini</a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Lembaga Riset dan Pengkajian Strategi Pemerintahan IPDN</p> <p>Email: ;</p> <p>Kampus IPDN Jatinangor, Jl. Sukarno Km20 Jatinangor, Sumedang, Jawa Barat.</p> MODEL PENGUKURAN AKUNTABILITAS KINERJA DPRD DALAM KONTEKS GOOD GOVERNANCE 2020-01-24T09:57:42+07:00 Sadu Wasistiono <p><em>Indonesia is one of the country which running biggest decentralization in the world, include transfer of authority, transfer of money, and moving government officials from central government to sub national government. There are three targets of decentralization i.e political, administrative, and social economy. One of political target of decentralization is make&nbsp; infrastructure and suprastructure of politic in local government more democratic and accountable. &nbsp;One of characteristic of good governance is accountable, and then&nbsp; &nbsp;more bigger and bigger transferring authority and money from central government to local government, must followed by accountability. But DPRD as local council have no model for accountability. Accountability of DPRD as political institutional is measuring by the functions, not only how to use the annually budget. Usually DPRD have four functions i.e &nbsp;budgetary, how to make local regulation, political controlling, and representative function. This paper is try to make model for measuring performance accountability of DPRD in good governance context.</em></p> 2019-10-15T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## TRANSPORTASI PUBLIK DAN MEDIA SOSIAL: PERSEPSI NETIZEN TERHADAP PELAYANAN BUS TRANS JOGJA 2016-2018 2020-01-22T15:53:01+07:00 Karmila Zahrani Al Hayati Ridho Al-Hamdi <p><em>In the modern age, public transportation is needed by society, particularly in big cities. Thus, research of the netizens’ perception of the service quality of public transportation is fascinating to be examined further to know its recent development. The paper aims to measure the netizens’ perception of the service of Trans Jogja Bus between 2016 and 2018. Methodologically, this article is qualitative research with case study approach. Trans Jogja Bus is the case which will be the research focus. For data gathering, this research utilizes library research so that the data is coming from social media and online media news. There are nine indicators used as the analysis tool: tariff, route, time, safety, facility, service, necessary, dependability, and pollution. This research also utilizes online application word clouds and Netvizz to sharpen the analysis process. The finding demonstrates that most netizens have negative perceptions of the service of Trans Jogja Bus. It can be proven that most netizens deliver their negative perceptions in six indicators: route, time, safety, service, dependability, and pollution. In the meantime, merely three indicators which receive positive perceptions: tariff, facility, and necessity.</em></p> 2019-10-15T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## STRATEGI PENINGKATAN PENDAPATAN ASLI DAERAH DARI RETRIBUSI PASAR DI KABUPATEN SUKOHARJO 2020-01-24T10:17:50+07:00 Reydonnyzar Moenek Eko Budi Santoso <p><em>Retribution is one of the sources of Local original income (LOI). This paper is the result of research describing strategies for increasing&nbsp; LOI from market service retribution (market retribution) and exploring various possible strategies that might still be possible to increase market retribution collection in Sukoharjo Regency. The research design used is descriptive and explorative qualitative research. Data collection techniques used were interviews, observation, and documentation. The analysis technique uses SWOT analysis and discrepancy analysis techniques. The results showed that the strategies which had been implemented so far had not shown success in achieving the target of collecting market retribution which had a large contribution to the&nbsp; Local Original Income (LOI). There are still six strategies that can be implemented by the Local Government of Sukoharjo Regency to increase the results of the collection of market retribution&nbsp; that will increase its LOI. It is recommended to take six steps according to the strategiesy that has not been done or that has not been done much so far.</em></p> 2019-10-15T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## FACTORS AFFECTING THE CAPABILITY OF RIAU MALAY CUSTOMARY INSTITUTIONS IN SUPPORTING THE ACHIEVEMENT OF THE RIAU PROVINCE’S 2020 VISION 2020-01-24T10:28:11+07:00 Syed Agung Afandi Muslim Afandi <p><em>The Riau Malay Customary Institution is a community organization founded by Riau Malay community in response to the decline in the existence of Malay culture in Riau Province. This organization was founded in 1970 and is the only Malay community organization in Riau Province that was made a partner of the Riau Provincial Government in an effort to achieve the vision of Riau 2020 through the Riau Provincial Regulation No.1 of 2012 concerning the Riau Malay Customary Institution. The purpose of this study was to determine the factors that influence the capabilities of Riau Malay Customary Institutions in achieving the vision of Riau 2020. The method used is a qualitative method with a descriptive approach. The technique of collecting data uses interview, observation and documentation techniques. The results of this study indicate that the factors that influence the capabilities of the Riau Malay Customary Institution in supporting the government’s performance in achieving the vision of Riau Province 2020 are the possession of financial and physical resources, all of which are sourced from the Riau Provincial Government. This organization has human resources that have not been able to support organizational performance, the collaboration between the Provincial Government of Riau and the Riau Malay Customary Institution has not been clear which has a clear roadmap, bad reputation received by the organization because of poor performance, and inconsistent organizational attitudes towards achieving the purpose.</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> 2019-10-15T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## COMPLIANCE GAINING DALAM PERSUASI KOMUNIKASI DAN KEBIJAKAN PUBLIK PEMERINTAH KOTA BUKITTINGGI TERKAIT PEMBANGUNAN PASAR ATAS 2020-01-24T10:25:19+07:00 Melani Rahmadanty Ernita Arif Aidinil Zetra <p><em>This study aims to see how the City Government of Bukittinggi applies compliance gaining strategies in persuading its people, when establishing public policies that have been decided regarding the development of the Pasar Atas. The five steps of the activities implemented, namely rewarding, punishing, expertise, personal commitments and impersonal commitments have been able to create the compliance of traders who are victims of Pasar Atas fires. This study uses a constructivist paradigm and a qualitative descriptive approach. Data collection is done by interview, observation, literature study and documentation. Based on the results of the research and data analysis, it was concluded that the rebuilding of the upper market which had previously been marred by massive demonstrations could be resolved properly. This happened because, the City Government of Bukittinggi had good communication persuasion in terms of conveying the public policies it took, both related to the rebuilding of the upper market and the temporary relocation of the shelter market. Community disappointment can be overcome at first, because they have a government that is very willing to accommodate the aspirations of its people and has a very good performance system. Because, basically public policies made by the government aim to regulate life together to achieve the agreed vision and mission, for the good and progress of the City of Bukittinggi.</em></p> 2019-10-15T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## PENYUSUNAN RENCANA TATA RUANG WILAYAH (RTRW) PERTAHANAN PADA IBU KOTA BARU REPUBLIK INDONESIA 2020-01-22T15:53:02+07:00 Agus Subagyo Udaya Madjid <p>Penelitian ini menganalisis tentang Rencana Tata Ruang Wilayah (RTRW) Pertahanan Negara pada Ibu Kota Baru Republik Indonesia, yang seharusnya dirancang melalui dua pendekatan sekaligus, yakni pendekatan kesejahteraan (<em>prosperity approach</em>) dan pendekatan keamanan (<em>security approach</em>), sehingga akan mampu menjadi ibu kota yang <em>smart and green city</em> sekaligus juga menjadi <em>secure and defence city</em>, dalam menghadapi ancaman, baik ancaman militer maupun ancaman nir militer. Dengan menggunakan metode kualitatif dan teknik pengumpulan data berupa observasi, wawancara, dan studi literatur / penelaahan dokumentasi, disimpulkan bahwa diperlukan road map RTRW pertahanan negara pada ibu kota Republik Indonesia yang dirancang secara terpadu, terintegrasi, terpola, dan berkelanjutan.</p> 2019-10-15T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## PENERAPAN KONSEP BALANCED SCORECARD DALAM PENGUKURAN KINERJA INSTANSI PEMERINTAH PADA INSTITUT PEMERINTAHAN DALAM NEGERI 2020-01-22T15:53:02+07:00 rasidi rasidi Rudi Sadmoko <p><em>Performance in the public sector is multidimensional and comprehensive, so that the nature of output produced by the public sector is more intangible output, so to measure the performance of the public sector it is necessary to choose a comprehensive performance measurement technique that is the Balanced Scorecard.</em></p> <p><em>Research Objectives to describe the application of each Balanced Scorecard perspective in measuring agency performance. The research method used is descriptive qualitative method.</em></p> <p><em>IPDN is a public sector organization with a main focus on output that is "producing competent, character and personality cadres of government" which ultimately to serve and improve the welfare of the community. Thus the need for innovative development in implementing a comprehensive organizational performance measurement system that can be implemented by the work unit in measuring the performance of agencies as outlined in the Government Agency Performance Report.</em></p> <p><em>The concept of the Balanced Scorecard is integrated into the IPDN Strategic map and then mapped in the perspective mapping matrix, indicators, weights, and sources of measurement data, so that formulations for Organizational Performance Values ​​can be identified. The modification of the Balanced Scorecard method applied by IPDN agencies includes 4 (four) perspectives namely Customer &amp; stakeholders perspective, Financial perspective, Internal business process perspective, and Learning and Growth perspective.</em><em><br> <br> <strong>Keywords: </strong>Balanced Scorecard, Strategic map, performance</em></p> 2019-10-15T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## ANALISIS INOVASI PEMERINTAHAN DIGITAL VILLAGE DALAM PENINGKATAN PELAYANAN PUBLIK DI NUSA TENGGARA TIMUR 2020-01-24T10:21:42+07:00 Gerry I. S. Banabera <p><em>Research focuses on analyzing digital village governance innovations in improving public services in Naikoten II Village, Kota Raja Distric, Kupang City. The Purpose of this research is to find out and analyze the the implementation of digital village innovations, factor influence, and strategies carried out in overcoming the inhibiting factors for the the implementation of digital village government innovations. The theory used is the theory of characteristics of innovation put forward by Everett M.</em></p> <p><em>The result of the research show that implementation of digital village innovation at Naikoten II village hasso far been able to improve public services by utilizing technologhy so as to create effectiviness and efficiency in give service. The inhibiting factors in implementing digital village government innovations in improving public services aare dependence on one computer staff / operator to operate a server computer; frequent tering occurs network demage and failure on the server thet disrupts service activities; still a lack of adjustment by some people so that it is still served by menually; the absence of a special budget from the region government; frequent rotation or mutation of employees who will affect the service process; and a discipline due to this innovation. Therefore the strategy that needs to be carried out by regional government is to build coorperation between the regional government and third parties for digital village innovation development in Naikoten II village and its application in other village sithin Kupang City government and develop a digital village designation plan to become a permanent government program as the standar for implementing the services of the villages of the Kupang City government</em></p> 2019-10-15T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##