• Nur handayani
  • Tumija Tumija
Keywords: efforts and poverty control strategy


This study aimed to describe what needs improvement efforts and strategies need to be developed
in controlling poverty in Sukabumi.
The method used is descriptive method with qualitative approach. Data were collected using
the method of observation, interviews and documentation as well as analyzed through editing, data
classification, data tabulation, data tabulation.
The main strategy for poverty reduction in Sukabumi is the expansion of employment and business
opportunities, empowerment, capacity building of human resources, social protection, improvement of
environmental quality, increased partnerships, population control.
Based on the results of analysis show that efforts need to be enhanced in the implementation of
the control strategy of poverty in Sukabumi are: the establishment of the Institute of Microeconomics,
adding Development Facility art and culture., utilization kinds of metal and non-metallic minerals,
increase the population of cows, chickens and ducks to meet the shortage of meat, milk and eggs,
increased production of corn, increasing the role of MCC/TKSM in handling POM and Social Welfare,
peningkatam participation of women in society, the addition of educational facilities., adding human
resources (medical, non­medical and medical support) and facilities health particularly in hospitals
Pelabuhanratu and Jampangkulon, improved coordination in the area of disaster management;
increased knowledge to the community in the face of disaster area if at any time there, lowering the
number of slum areas merwujudkan appropriate housing.
The strategy needs to be developed in controlling poverty in Sukabumi is added vocational training
equipment and add qualified instructors, controlling population growth ‘, increasing the Human Resources
(HR) both farmer groups and government officials that there is to be able to exploit natural resources
in accordance with local potentials and local environmental conditions, adding a source providing
sufficient irrigation to anticipate the dry season, the increase in the cage and anticipate the H5N1 virus,
the addition of agricultural extension workers, additional infrastructure agricultural extension, control
over productive land use, agricultural extension budget increase, fisheries and forestry; increase the
interest of young people to the field of agriculture, the provision of land for educational purposes.
Keywords: efforts and poverty control strategy
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