Bureaucratic Reform and The Challange of Good Governance Implementation in Indonesia

  • Muhadam Labolo Institut Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri
  • Etin Indrayani Governance Institute of Home Affairs (IPDN)


Bureaucratic reformation is the fundamental structuring efforts are expected to have
an impact on changing systems and structures. The system deals with the relationship
between the unsure or the element that influence each other and are associated to make
a form totally. The change in one element can influence the other elements in the system.
The structure relates with the order of who arrayed a regular basis and systematically.
Structure changes is also included with the mechanism and procedure, human resources,
facilities and infrastructure, organization and organization’s environment in terms of the
achievement of the efficiency of government bureaucracy. These changes include allowing
all of the aspects of the bureaucracy has sufficient capacity to carry out the duties and the
basic function. Bureaucratic failure in a term for service the public until now represent
poor government both at central and local government level. The urgency of bureaucratic
reform in Indonesia is driven by a number of important note. First, the increased apparatus
expenditure is caused by increased of apparatus recruitment without unmeasured control.
Second, the ballooning cost of democracy (election) affected the floated of local government
budget have increased significantly. The magnitude of the election budget and the impact on
governmental bureaucracy resulted not ready to close the budget deficit. More than these
bureaucracy has loyalty dilemma caused by dispersed of concentration in every election’s
activity. Third, increased of develop the bureaucratic organization without planning and
analysis of the measured trigger financing and recruitment of apparatus that not less. As
a result, the bureaucracy in most areas are overload, or even lack in outside of Java. In
other side, less of local incomes make dependence to central government, while the local
government expenditure is to far from efficiency, even tend to be less controlled due to the
high cost of the organization. Fourth, extensive corrupt behavior in almost all public sector
bureaucracy encourages lose confidence as a public servant.
Keywords: Bureaucratic Reformation, bureaucracy design, local government, Good


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